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  • Does your child have a learning difficulty?
  • Is he struggling to reach his full potential?
  • Is your child battling to concentrate, or is his memory poor?
  • Does he read slowly and hesitantly, or with poor comprehension?
  • Does he confuse letters like b and d?
  • Does he spell words as they sound, for example “rite” for “right”?
  • Has he been diagnosed with dyslexia, dysgraphia or ADHD?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, your child probably lacks some of the tools required for learning.

We give the tools for learning!

When you have the right tools, any task will be accomplished with greater ease and efficiency. Imagine, for example, trying to mix cement with a spoon rather than a cement mixer. Imagine trying to mow the lawn with a pair of scissors!

Cognitive skills — concentration, perception, memory and logical thinking — are mental skills used in the process of acquiring knowledge, and can be considered your child’s tools for learning.

Research has shown that cognitive skills are a determining factor of an individual’s learning ability, according to the skills that “separate the good learners from the so-so learners.” In essence, when cognitive skills are strong, learning is fast and easy. When cognitive skills are weak, learning becomes a struggle.

The great news is that these weaknesses can be attacked head-on. Through dynamic training and practice cognitive skills can be improved, strengthened, and enhanced.

Edublox specializes in cognitive training that makes children smarter, and helps them learn and read faster. Our programs enable learners to overcome reading difficulties and other learning obstacles, assisting them to become life-long learners and empowering them to realize their highest educational goals.

Edublox News

New Success Stories!
Huge Improvement in Reading
I would just like to thank everyone at Edublox especially Joanne for the huge improvement I have noticed in Bridget's reading. At the end of October 2013 I had an educational assessment done at the recommendation of her previous school. Bridget was in grade 7 and I was told she should have an assessment done for high school. Read more...

From a Remedial School to Mainstream: Kallyn Merckel’s Story
Kallyn joined Orban School in 2004. As any mom, I had high expectations for my son starting at a new school. But things didn’t turn out quite the way I had hoped. Kallyn’s teacher called me in to talk about Kallyn’s school work. She showed me his drawings compared with that of his classmates. I was worried. It looked more like scribbles with no meaning. My heart sank. And so the journey of trying to understand where the problem areas were with my child, had begun. Read more...

Zan’s Story of Overcoming Reading and Spelling Difficulties
It was September 2012 when we received an assessment report from a psychologist. It was recommended that Zan be referred to long term remedial because she was not coping in mainstream. She had problems with regards to reversing letters and numbers, she battled with reading and could not solve word sums. We applied at a remedial school, however, there was no space. Read more…

Edublox in the News!
Living with Dyslexia
You Magazine, 16 January 2014
Edublox Reading and Learning Clinics specialise in cognitive training that makes children smarter, and helps them read and learn faster. Within a few months Branden Brooks, who had been diagnosed with dyslexia, progressed from a child who was failing to a child who achieved 5’s and 6’s (7 is the highest) on his report. The You magazine reported on his triumph. Read more...

Mom's Nomination Leads to Gold Award
Krugerdorp News, 19 December 2013
The Edublox West Rand franchise scooped Gold at the prestigious Roodepoort Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Rocci) Business Awards recently. The annual Rocci Awards celebrate achievements in service excellence, with nominations coming from members of the public, clients, customers and even other businesses. Read more...

Edublox on the John Robbie Show
702 Talk Radio, 17 June 2013
Edublox is privileged to be part of the 702 Birthday Wish List initiative to assist in making a mother and son’s wishes come true. Daphne wished for somebody to help her adopted son of 15 to learn how to read. Edublox Randburg/West Rand offered free classes for a year and Edublox Head Office sponsored a computer-based home program. Click here to listen to the interview.

New Articles!
When Children Read Well, Yet Lack Comprehension
A common reading disorder goes undiagnosed until it becomes problematic, according to the results of a five-year study published online in the journal Brain Connectivity. Dyslexia, a reading disorder in which a child confuses letters and struggles with sounding out words, has been the focus of much research into reading. That is not the case, however, with the lesser known disorder Specific Reading Comprehension Deficits or S-RCD, in which a child reads successfully but does not sufficiently comprehend the meaning of the words. Read more...

Edublox Research Study: Can Cervical Spinal Manipulations Accelerate Learning?
In an interesting research study, chiropractor Dr Jaidan Mays compared the effects of Edublox training versus Edublox training combined with cervical spinal manipulative therapy on visual memory and visual sequential memory. Dr Allan Terrett proposed that cervical adjustment therapy results in augmented cerebral blood flow, which causes hibernating areas of the brain to become functional again. Read more...


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