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One-on-one Audiblox Kit for Home and School

Audiblox is a structured multisensory brain-training program that accelerates learning by sharpening attention and concentration, developing accurate perception, improving memory and promoting logical thinking. Audiblox also improves reading, spelling and writing, and is effective for a variety of learning difficulties including dyslexia.

In our modern society, where academic achievement is regarded as of great importance, persistent learning failure leads to anguish, embarrassment and frustration. Children may be treated like dunces by their teachers and mocked by their classmates. "He or she could be an Einstein," remarked British actress Susan Hampshire, who is dyslexic, "but if you don't read by your sixth birthday, who cares about your potential! Underachieving at school can be a major blow to the confidence and leave its scars for the rest of your life."

A child who cannot cope in the classroom is also a source of distress to his parents. To see how one's otherwise "normal" child drops further and further behind in comparison to his classmates and perhaps fails year after year, is no laughing matter. Literacy is the key to employment, and what awaits the child outside the schoolgates is often a hopeless future:

Many adults with learning disabilities are underemployed, often stuck in dead-end jobs that do not tap into their true vocational potential.1 Many others are not finding employment at all. Many are unsuccessful in their pursuit of further training, and few are accessing the adult services that have been developed to serve them. Many LD young adults have major academic. . . and vocational needs that make it hard for them to. . . live independent lives.2

Audiblox Can Change All That!

Audiblox is a multisensory cognitive enhancement program that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Audiblox is founded on pedagogical research and 30 years of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties, and that specific cognitive training can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.

Audiblox Kit

Probably the most conspicuous feature of the program is its almost unlimited adaptability. It offers astounding possibilities of development to both the gifted and less gifted child.

To the high school student it can be of very great value, as it develops memory (both visual and auditory) and concentration to a very high degree, while it can also be used for the preschool child from as early as three years of age. Audiblox is an excellent program for the purpose of preparing the preschool child and the school beginner for reading and learning.

Audiblox is indispensable in the remedial education program. In cases of reading, spelling or writing problems, astounding results can be obtained through regular and continued use of Audiblox. Even children who are seriously dyslexic or dysgraphic can be helped to overcome their problems completely.

Improvements of as high as 40% in school achievement have already been obtained through the use of Audiblox.

The Audiblox KitShopping cart

The following materials are required to use Audiblox one-on-one and are all included in the Audiblox kit:

Audiblox Manual

The manual contains (1.) descriptions of all the Audiblox exercises, (2.) the Reading exercise, as well as (3.) seven Audiblox programs:

  • Dyslexia Program (Standard Program): This program is recommended for learners with dyslexia or other reading difficulties. However, since Audiblox improves far more than reading ability only, even top achievers can benefit from it. While the other programs can also be used for learners who do not have learning difficulties, this program, in particular, is recommended if the learner is of school-going age and improving cognitive skills is the main aim.

  • Reversal Program: When a learner makes reversals in reading or writing, or has mirror-writing tendencies, it is recommended to start with the Reversal Program. Follow the Reversal Program for 6-8 weeks, and then continue with the Dyslexia Program.

  • Dysgraphia Program: This program is aimed at improving the reading and handwriting ability of a schoolchild as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

  • Dyspraxia Program: This program is recommended for schoolchildren who suffer from dyspraxia.

  • Spelling Program: This program is applicable for the learner who has no reading problem, but has a problem with spelling. The learner's reading must be at the appropriate grade level and he must be able to fully comprehend what he is reading. If the learner has a spelling and reading problem, this program will not be suitable, and the learner must follow the Dyslexia Program.

  • Math Program: This program is applicable for a learner who has no reading problem, but has a problem with mathematics. The learner's reading must be age appropriate and he must be able to fully comprehend what he is reading. If the learner has math and reading problems, this program will not be suitable. The learner must first follow the Dyslexia Program, and may only use the Math Program once the reading problem has been overcome completely.

  • School Readiness Program: This program is applicable for the child who must be prepared for formal schooling.

Audiblox DVD

The DVD demonstrates the Audiblox exercises in detail.

Other Materials

The following teaching materials are also included:

  • Colored blocks: Ninety-six colored blocks, equally divided into six different colors — black, white, red, green, blue and yellow.

  • Screen: The screen is used to shield blocks from the learner.

  • A set of color cards with preprinted patterns: These are used for one of the Audiblox exercises.

  • Letter cards: These are used to do the Spelling exercise.

  • A CD containing the Writing exercise.

FeaturesShopping cart

  • Audiblox aims at developing and automating the foundational skills of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the skills required in the learning of subject matter. The most important foundational skills addressed by Audiblox are:

    • Concentration;
    • Accurate perception;
    • Visual discrimination of foreground-background, form, size, position in space, dimensionality and color;
    • Visual analysis and synthesis of position in space;
    • Auditory discrimination of foreground-background, position in time and space, and dimensionality;
    • Auditory analysis and synthesis of position in time and space;
    • Visual discrimination of dimensionality;
    • Decoding and integration of information;
    • Visual closure;
    • Imagination;
    • Visual memory, especially of forms and sequence;
    • Auditory memory;
    • Short-term and working memory;
    • Long-term memory;
    • Concept of numbers;
    • Reasoning;
    • Logical thinking;
    • Fine motor coordination;
    • Gross motor coordination;
    • Sensory-motor integration.

  • Suitable for all ages.

  • The Audiblox exercises can be adapted to the intellectual levels of learners.

  • Smoothly integrates with any curriculum.


  • Prepares a foundation for exposure to and achievement in reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the learning of subject matter. Learning difficulties can therefore be prevented.

  • Effective for dyslexia and other learning difficulties.

  • Accelerates learning and work tempo tremendously.

  • Builds self-image and motivation for learning through the experience of learning success.

  • Creates a basis for life-long learning.

The Exercises

  • The more one practices the Audiblox exercises, the better the results that one can achieve. Competence in any skill comes through practice over a period of time, and this system is no exception.

  • The Audiblox system is usually effective if a person practices three times a week for an hour at a time, or for half an hour five times per week. Less time is usually needed for preschool children and children with minor learning difficulties, and more time for children (or adults) with severe learning problems.

  • After six to eight weeks one can expect to start seeing visible results. However, some individuals may require more practice than others to achieve results. Shopping cart

  • As there is no limit to human potential, the ideal is for learners to continue with the program for as long as possible.

Audiblox Kit

1. Gerber, et al., cited in H. B. Reiff & P. J. Gerber, “Adults with learning disabilities,” in N. N. Singh & I. L. Beale (eds.), Learning Disabilities: Nature, Theory, and Treatment (New York: Springer-Verlag, 1992), 186.
2. Zigmond, N., & Thornton, H. S., “The future of learning disabilities,” in K. A. Kavale (ed.), Learning Disabilities: State of the Art and Practice (Boston: College-Hill Press, 1988), 199.

Please note: The Audiblox kit may not be used for remunerative purposes.