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Four Years Improvement in Reading with
Nine Months of Work

Testimonial by Mrs. B. Pell, NC, USA

I live in Huntersville, NC, and a woman came, with her daughter, and spoke to my homeschool group about Audiblox 5 years ago. I purchased it and used it on my daughter who was nearly 8.

I saw amazing results. I worked with her 6 days/week all fall and then added some phonics instruction after Christmas. In June of 2003, pre-Audiblox, her standardized test score for "letter-word identification" was 2.9 (or second grade, ninth month). We did not begin Audiblox until October and by June of 2004 her "letter-word identification" was 6.7 (or sixth grade, seventh month). This was an amazing nearly 4 year improvement with only 9 months of work.

She has since been a wonderful reader.